• The Scorpion Series is the latest in carbon dioxide perforating technology
  • The Scorpion Series is designed around Coherent® J Series Resonators
  • External optics using HAAS®, LTI commercial mirror assemblies
  • Innovative beam splitter design using a DOE lens which enable dual row perforation with single beam resonator output
  • Control system design using Siemens Step 7 Series Controller with Siemens FM 352-5 Boolean Processor — 1uS sampling resolution (ultra high speed without PC platform and/or HDD)
  • Intuitive HMI for both operator and technicians

J5 Resonator Specifications

  • Nominal Power Range ≥450W (as delivered 550-650W)
  • Peak Power Nominal 1800W
  • Modulation Pulse Range — 2uS to 1000uS
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